I’m Ariel, your adventure buddy and built in hype girl. 

While I have been a photographer for well over 5 years, I have known for as long as I can remember that this is my passion. Whether it's a cute little picnic on the beach or a session at your secret pizza spot that feels like your getaway from the world. I am here for all the adventure! Wherever your love takes me I will follow! Wherever your brand takes me I will follow!

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How it started

I purchased my very first point and shoot camera at the age of 12 and I carried it with me literally everywhere. I documented all of the trips, all of the family gatherings, all of the things. Looking back, I have always taken a lifestyle approach to photography even at a young age. I absolutely adore what I do because I know the value of preserving a moment or experience. To this day I look back at photos from my family travels when I was younger. Reliving those memories through prints still make my heart happy.

When you and your person grow old together these are the photos you will look back to relive your elopement or wedding over and over again. The “this is us” photo you will pass on to your grandkids when they ask about the younger you. 

I  am a makeup artist. I have been doing makeup for over 6 years

I did marching band for 7 years of my life.  It was one of the biggest and most unexpected blessings in my life.

Music is my happy place! Catch me at a stoplight jammin’ out to literally anything!

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Ahhhh, when I tell you I have never been more passionate about a brand of ice cream…I am so serious. If I have ever talked to you in real life you already know I have brought up Jeni’s. I personally think I should be sponsored but until then I will remain a frequent flyer.

Jeni’s Ice cream! 

Traveling has my heart. I have been privileged to be able to visit some pretty epic places with the best company. Every trip I take I learn something new! Catch me daydreaming about the next flight Im going to catch.


Sooooo, I wasn’t always into thrifting. My mom used to tell me all about her thrift trips and I could never understand why she loved it so much. Fast forward just a few short years later and ya girl is hooked. For me thrifting got wayyy more fun once I started getting creative with my pieces.


This one right here is a new love! I actually found out that I in fact LOVE matcha when I had a “coffee” date with a fellow photographer and I told her Im not a coffee person but we can meet at the coffee shop anyway as long as there’s food! Thats when she told me to try the iced matcha latte that would forever change my life.


Literally half of my wardrobe is long sleeves, of some sort whether it be hoodies, sweatshirts or blazers. All of the things! It will be the middle of summer (in Florida) and I am living perfectly content in my pullover. 


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